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updated: august 06, 2019 

Hello & welcome to my small website on D-Models!

My name is Alison, I'm 21 years old and I live in The Netherlands. As you can see on the pictures I'm using a wheelchair to get around. This is my whole life already because I've never been able to walk. My mother experienced a difficult pregnacy and because of that I was born premature. The first few days were critical and it wasn't sure if I would make it. I did make it and after I was in the clear there seemed nothing wrong with me except for a lack of movement in my lower body. Because there was no physical damage to my body and I was able to move my legs the doctors thought that there was a slight delay but it took very long before I was able to stand or starting to walk. After they did some tests it turned out that the part of my brain that should tell my legs they can be used to walk hasn't develloped and isn't working. I'm not paralysed and I can move my legs but I'm not able to stand or walk. This is a very rare disorder and looks a bit like cerebral palsy. For me this situation is very normal becaused I grew up with it and never knew any other.

Being in a wheelchair never stopped me with achieving what I wanted in life. I had a very active childhood and I tried to live my life as any other kid. I never went to special schools or was treated as a disabled person. Nowadays I also don't see myself any different compared to other people. Last year I finished my education and at the moment I'm thinking about what to do next. That can be a nice job or maybe I will start a bussiness for myself. Another possibility is that I start a new education again. At the moment I celebrate my life and freedom and spend a lot of time with doing things I like to do like photography and playing my guitar. I also like vintage stuff and clothes. My style for clohtes is a bit alternative and a few years ago I found myself this nice second handed wheelchair that matches my style very well! Doing a photoshoot for this website was also very nice to do. I like to make photos myself but being a model myself was always a dream. So when I was asked to join D-Models I didn't have to think long before I decided to do it. I want to prove that also with an accessorie like a wheelchair you don't have to be different or look weird or odd. I think we succeeded with that in the first photoshoot and I'm very honoured to be a model on this nice website from now on. There are also plans that I will do some promotional work for D-Models in the future!

I hope you will like my photos, and that I can do lots of new photoshoots again in the future! In the meantine, if you have a question for me now feel free to ask me by sending an email!

  E-Mail: alison@tajvdz.nl

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