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updated: april 08, 2018 

Hello & welcome to my small website on D-Models!

My name is Amanda and I'm in my 30s now. I'm new at D-Models, but most of you know me al ready I think because I had my own website as a wheelchair and pantyhose model. A lot has changed since I started that website back in 2005. First of all I used to live in Belgium then but after a few moves I live in The Netherlands now for almost 5 years. As you can see on the pictures on the left I don't have the long hair anymore that I used to have. I cut it off a few years ago but it is growing longer again as you can see on the first picture that is one from the most recent shoots. After I ended up in a wheelchair almost 10 years ago I found it a bit hard to adapt at first. Especially the positive comments I received through my webiste helped me to accept the fact that I have to spend my day on wheels. Before that happened I did some minor modelling jobs and I really liked that! That's why I decided to start my website to show myself living my life after such a drastic change.

My website was a great succes and we had 200,000 visitors in a very short period of time with people who loved to see me in a wheelchair wearing all sorts of pantyhose. I had a lot of plans for my website and I always enjoyed making it. Due to the success of the D-Models website (that was started as a result of my website) and some personal problems and some problems with my health there was hardly any time left to update my website and the updates stopped in 2008. I've done some new shoots after I was doing better but these have never been published. The last few years I was active on Facebook where some of you might have seen me. I use Facebook mainly for the passion I have for pantyhose. Maybe I will add a link to the pantyhose group that I have on Facebook on this website.

My pictures were always more challenging than those on D-Models because we wanted to show every day pictures only over there. Last year there was an opportunity to do more revealing shoots with some of the new models but we didn't know at first how to work this out on the website. After some thinking we decided to keep one website with different categorys and to make a new start with my website as a part of the new category on D-Models. A big change with the D-Models lay-out instead of my old one but I think the only right one to make a new start. Not all old content like the News page, Webcam pictures, Mini-Poll results and the Links page were put here. Maybe it will be added in the future but I am not sure yet. I don't think I will do new shootings anymore but there are enough unseen pictures to keep this website gong for a few years. This website will also be a good companion for the websites of the models that are coming to this new category.

The success of my website and D-Models is explained by the fact that the prices of the galleries are kept as low as possible comparing to other sites that sell pictures. Now that my website is a part of D-Models this will not change and everything will stay the same. I hope I still have some fans left after all those years. The galleries from my old website are available on this website now for reduced prices and for the first time with Paypal! I will also add some collections of the old sets as well. I hope that you will like my new updates that are coming soon. I will still show myself wearing all different kind of pantyhose because I love them very much!

  E-Mail: amanda@tajvdz.nl

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