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updated: august 18, 2020 

Hello & welcome to my small website on D-Models!

My name is Beverly, I'm 19 years old and I live in Belgium. As you can see I'm sitting in a wheelchair. 4 years ago I was involved in an accident which resulted in damage to my spinal cord. I'm an incomplete paraplegic since and I'm not able to walk anymore. However with some support I'm able to stand for a short while. In the beginning this was all very traumatic for me but now I'm trying to make the best out of it.

Being in a wheelchair doesn't stop me from doing what I like most, spending time with animals. Especially dogs and horses. I have my own horse called Urban Edge. I spend a lot of time with him and I'm able to ride on him as well. I always dreamed of being a model but because of my disability I didn't think that was possible anymore. So when I was asked to do a photoshoot for D-Models I was a bit surprised. At first I was still 17 when I was asked, so I would need permission from my parents. I wanted it to be my own decision, so I used the time until my 18th birthday to think about it but and eventually I gave it a try. Putting some pictures of myself on the D-Models Facebook page gave me a lot of confidence, especially after reading the sweet comments. I never thought that people would like to see a model that is stuck in a wheelchair. I really liked doing the photoshoot and I'm very honoured to be a model on this nice website from now on.

I think the photos turned out to be nice and if you do like them as well I won't hesitate to do more photoshoots for D-Models in the future. If you still have a question for me after reading my story feel free to ask me by sending me an email!

  E-Mail: beverly@tajvdz.nl

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