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updated: october 16, 2018 

Hello & welcome to my small website on D-Models!

My name is Daisy and I'm 24 years old. I live in The Netherlands in a province called Friesland. We have our own language there but we also speak Dutch. 3 years ago I was involved in a freaky accident at home and now I have to use a wheelchair to get around and that turned my life upside down. From an active and healthy young woman I turned into a paralyzed woman who had to start all over again. When I look back now I must say that I have everything under control again and that I can enjoy my life on wheels. I even became a mother last year of a lovely daughter. So you can say that my past few years were difficult and also kind of hectic! Before my accident I was studying to become a nurse and in my spare time I liked to be a model. In the summer of 2014 my boyfriend and I were offered the chance to live together in the back part of his parents house. It was a bit old and a lot had to be done before we could move in. Our intentions were that we would move in before Christmas but during the renovation I made a nasty fall. I knocked over a heavy beam that was meant for the ceiling and I got stuck underneath it. This is how I got paralyzed from the waist down and I'm not able to use my legs anymore. Like I said this changed my life completely. I'm in a wheelchair now and I had to quit my studies. I was lucky that my boyfriend supported me all the time. We live in the renovated house now that is now completely adapted for me. One of my biggest dreams always was to become a mother. Because my life took a completely other turn anyhow we decided that maybe it was a good idea to become parents at this young age. I must say now that this was a very good decision and it also gives me something extra to live for!

During my time in rehab I've learned that being in a wheelchair doesn't mean the end of the world and I think that I'm the living proof of that. Together with becoming a mother I see it as a new beginning. When the time is there I will start a new education that suits me. One of the things I liked to do before my accident was doing photoshoots as a model. Because of some previous connections I was asked if I was willing to do a photoshoot in my wheelchair for D-Models. I was a bit unsure at first but I decidced to give it a go. I found it a bit strange to see myself like that, but after I saw the messages to my first picture that was shown on the D-Models Facebook page I was overwhelmed and that convinced me to become a model for the website. I hope that you will like my photos. So far I did one shooting before I became pregnant but I'm planning to do a lot more in the future. Other things I'd like to do is spending time with my family and friends, looking after my daugther, reading books and cooking. Another thing I liked to do in the past was horse-riding. I'm looking at some possibilties at the moment to pick that up with some modifications.

That is my story and what I had to tell you. If you still have a question for me feel free to ask me by sending me an email!

  E-Mail: daisy@tajvdz.nl

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