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updated: april 08, 2018 

Hello & welcome to my small website on D-Models!

My name is Elvera and I'm 33 years old. I live in The Netherlands in a small village in the province of Zeeland. For about 12 years now I have CRPS, type 1 (posttraumatic dystrophy) in both my legs and in my right wrist. I was able to walk short distances with this at first but due to a few unforeseen circumstances I have to use a wheelchair fulltime now. With this disease it is difficult to see what the future will bring because there are no medicines that can make me better, only to ease the pain a bit in case they work. For me they don't so I have a stimuator implanted in my body. I've had about 7 operations so far and for now it works for my right leg. If it will also work for my left leg as well I will have a reduction of about 50% of the pain. If that will be the case I will go into rehab to learn to walk again so I don't have to be in a wheelchair all the time. Maybe this will only be for a short period but we have to see what it will bring.

Before I had this disability I lived a normal life. I worked in a nursing home first and after that in a photo developing centre. I played sports three times a week and I liked to make music. I played the trumpet and kettledrum in a big band and I also played the guitar. I also had lots of friends. When I got ill my life became much different. I wasn't able to do my hobbies anymore and I also lost some friends. At this moment I work in an employment centre with other disabled people to earn some money. For me it is very hard to find a job that I like becuase I'm in a wheelchair, but in the future I the hope to integrate in a normal job again. I also have to spend some of time in hospital regularly. In my spare time I spend a lot of time on my computer, I like to do video and photo editing and I also like to play wheelchair basketball. At this moment it is not possible to play becasue of current health problems. I hope to pick it up again soon and I also hope that I'll be able to play the trumpet again. A while ago I was asked if I was interested in doing a photoshoot for the D-Models website. I didn't see myself as a model but I decided to give it a go. Maybe I can be an inspiration for others to do it as well. I really liked doing the shoot, but I found it a bit strange to see myself in a wheelchair afterwards. Because of some personal problems and problems with my health it took a while before this website came online. Now it is I'll see what it will bring me!

I hope you will like my photo's and maybe I will do more shoots in the future! If you want to ask me a question feel free to send me an email!

  E-Mail: elvera@tajvdz.nl

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