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Full story (1999-2004)

This is how I ended up using a wheelchair:
As a result of the accident both my legs were in very bad state. I broke my left pelvis, both my hips and my right lower leg on 3 places. I also had several injuries on the rest of my body and my head. I spend 3 months in hospital and all I could do was lay down. I had 3 pins through both my legs. My other injuries healed and I was transfered to a rehabilitation center to start my way to learn to walk again. It took another 2 months before I was able to start with it. The 2 pins in my hips were removed but after that I was in a lot of pain. The treatment continued anyhow because the only thing I could think of was learning to walk again. It all went very well. The pain went away slowly and about one year after the accident I was walking on crutches. I was told then that I had to be a little more patient and that the chances were very good to recover completely. Soon after that I was able to walk with one crutch. Suddenly my right lower leg started to get swell and it hurt pretty bad. In hospital I was told that the pin that was still in got infected. They had to take it out with an emergency surgery. Despite this I got infected with gangrene. The doctor told me that I had a very big chance of losing my right leg through the knee. Fortunately they were able to save my leg. After a while I was able to pick up my rehab again but It didn't go as well as before. My hips became more painfull. I had days I was able to do everything I wanted but other days that I wasn't able to get out of my bed at all. I was diagnosed with a serious disorder to both my hips and the days I was able to walk became less. In 2001 I had surgery to both my hips again. At first it went better but the pain came back. Walking was very hard for me but I didn't give up. I went from using 1 crutch to 2 and finally I ended up using a wheelchair. Since 2002 part time and since 2004 full time when I go outside.

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